Carl Anthony Jonckheere
Name: Carl Anthony Jonckheere

281, Chaussée d'Ixelles - 1050 Brussels - Belgium

Tel: (+32)476024236


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Born in Brussels, May 13, 1975.
Studied in Belgium and the USA and graduated in painting at the Institute of Visual Arts "La Cambre",
in Brussels in 2001.


The painting is what it is. By addressing itself to the perception, the awareness, it opens a sensorial and physical dimension that stops abruptly the (intellectual) thought process. In the heart of the spectator’s life, it then manifests itself. 

I act spontaneously, as if it be automatically, intuitively, and execute in the same manner. What drives me is a full and continues concentration.  

In assembling my scattered pieces I become conscience of what I encounter, what is apparent, that continuous flow, without beginning or end, which in itself is the manifestation of the spirit. In trying to perceive the absence of separation between the elements, and their linked characteristics, in a way for the spectator, the painting is creating itself.